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The Paper Test

Note : Please ensure your stove is cold before carrying out the paper test.

You can test the effectiveness of your current stove rope by following this simple paper test:-

  • Insert a piece of paper in the open door of your stove

  • Close the door

  • Attempt to pull the paper free of the door whilst the door is shut.




If the paper pulls free relatively easily, it is time to change your stove rope. You can purchase this from our on line shop or alternatively you can send your doors to us and we will carry out the work for you. Please email or telephone us for a quotation if you would like us to do the job.

Changing your stove rope is of vital importance, both for safety and for the efficiency of your appliance. The rope provides a smoke seal around the door; this ensures that the harmful carbon monoxide and smoke escapes up the flue, rather than into your living space.

The rope seal also ensures that the only air getting in is from the air vents and not from the join between the door and the main body of the stove, making your stove much more controllable, and therefore more efficient.

It is good to remember that if your stove rope is frayed, split or coming away from the door, you need to replace it immediately.