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MICA Panel measuring 10 inches x 10 inches


Replacement MICA Panel measuring 10 inches x 10 inches

Price quoted is for one sheet of Mica.


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MICA Panel measuring 10 inches x 10 inches

MICA Panel measuring 10 inches x 10 inches

A naturally occuring silicate mineral product mined from the earth and processed into thin sheets.  It is a superior insulator which is tough but flexible, even at high temperatures.  As Mica is carved from a natural source, it will never be fully clear and it will often  have slight blemishes.

This product was very popular years ago before heat resistant glass was fully developed.  Mica can be bent to fit concave windows and is often used in old antique stoves. Nowadays heat resistant glass is used in most woodburning and multi-fuel stoves but Mica is still used in some old Esse stoves, such as the Esse Dragon.  This product performs very well, it can easily be mistaken for plastic, yet it has amazing heat resistant properties.

Mica can be cut with scissors to the required size and glued into place using a heat resistant bond.


We pride ourselves in only supplying the highest quality stove glass for your woodburning or multi-fuel stove. That is why here at ADS Stove Spares & Repairs we only supply the best quality heat resistant glass-ceramic from SCHOTT ROBAX®. They are a German company who have been manufacturing speciality glass for more than 130 years. Robax glass is a strong reliable material perfect for wood burning stoves. Because of the very low thermal expansion, our glass resists extremely high temperature of up to 760c as well as hot and cold shocks.

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ADS Stove Spares and Repairs is a family run business based in Leicestershire. Our team have many years experience in supplying parts for wood burning and multi fuel stoves and additionally we have workshop facilities for repairs and refurbishments. Most importantly we can offer fast delivery to you anywhere in the UK mainland at very competitive prices. We also stock a range of products for your wood burning or multi fuel stove from clips and fire bricks to rope kits and cleaning products.

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See our following link on how to fit your glass and rope Fitting your new glass & rope.  Please Contact Us via telephone or email if you need any help or advice. Our office hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and helpful customer service.